Who are the two chicks behind Two Chicks Jerky?
The “Two Chicks” are the dynamic team of Shannon Ronan & Breelyn MacDonald. Both grew up in a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's before relocating to the Bay Area over 10 years ago. They love the outdoors, being physically active, traveling and good food - especially high-protein, healthy snacks such as Two Chicks Jerky to sustain them in all of their pursuits!

What does sustainably-raised mean?
It’s a way of growing or raising food in an ecologically and ethical manner using practices that protect the environment, safeguard human health and is humane to animals.

Does your jerky contain sodium nitrate?
Our product does not contain sodium nitrate, nor any other added preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Does the meat have any added antibiotics or hormones?
No! All of the beef is free of any added antibiotics as well as any synthetic hormones and is 100% grass fed.

Is your jerky gluten-free?
Yes! We use gluten-free, naturally fermented, non-GMO tamari (soy sauce).

What ingredients are in your jerky?
In our Classic flavor we use honey, lime juice, garlic, gluten-free & non-GMO tamari (soy sauce) and pepper. In the Spicy version there is the addition of habanero and California chili peppers to give it a good kick!

What is the white packet in each bag of jerky?
Those white packets contain Iron Oxide and are to ensure our product stays as fresh as possible. It is non-toxic, but should not be eaten.

Where can I buy it? 
You can buy it right here on our site under "SHOP". 

How many flavors do you have?
We have two equally amazing flavors - both in line with what customers have referred to as, "the way beef jerky is supposed to taste!" There is the original Classic flavor, and now we also have a spicy version, Two HOT Chicks Jerky.

What is your return policy?
We are unable to accept returns on food items, but please contact us if you are unhappy with your selection or if you run into any issues. We are committed to your satisfaction. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or returns.